Buy Nothing Day Coat Exchange

We’re participating in 401 Gives!

This fundraising event, powered by United Way of Rhode Island, affords charities across the state the chance to not only spread awareness and collect donations, but also potentially win monetary prizes to benefit the community we serve!

The success of the Sock Drive this winter and spring has our wheels turning on other collection drives we could run throughout the year. Having a steady operating budget (even a small one) would drastically increase the number of people we could help.

The BND Coat Exchange began over 20 years ago when founder Greg Gerritt decided to channel his love of the environment into a charitable cause. Annually occurring on Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day invites you to give rather than spend, and to repurpose rather than toss. Each Friday after Thanksgiving, those in need of warmth meet at donation sites around the state to receive gently-used winter gear. Whether taking a coat or donating one, you’ll always be met with a smile.

If you can donate a coat, please do so. If you can organize a coat collection, please do so. If you need a coat, please come take one off the racks. Free, no questions asked.